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Friday, August 22, 2014

Arabian Actress Zeina

Zeina , born Wesam Reda Ismail El Degawee, is an Egyptian actress.
Zeina started her career as a model in video clips. Her first film was the Ard El kof (Land of Fear) with the director Daoud Abdel Sayed. She worked as a broadcaster in one of the channels of Arab Radio and Television where she presented technical programmes.
Zeina's started her career in a number of songs, video clips, and she was chosen by the director Dwoad Abdel-Sayyed to play the role of Hanna in the movie Fear Factor alongside Ahmed Zaki in 1999. Until then she used her real name Wesam.
With the entry into the acting world she chose to name herself "Zeina". She was called "Sophia Loren of Arabs" by the director Youssef Chahine after he saw her in the movie Montaha El Laza (Joys). Her talent was confirmed when she won the title of best actress for the years 2005, and 2006 in the public polls and she also won the award for outstanding performance for her role in the series "Hdrat El Motaham Aby (My Father the accused)."

The artist, Ahmed Zaki titled her "Penelope Cruz" for the similarities between herself and the Spanish actress. Zeina participated in a large number of cinematographic works, such as El Haya fe Montaha el Laza (Joys of Life), and Sayed El Atefy (Lord of the Emotional), Zaza, El Sahabh (Ghost), El gezyra (island), 90 Minutes, Puskas, Trapezoid, Captain Hima, One - Zero, Two Girls From Egypt, Adult, and Seven Albermbp.
Success of the "Zeina" did not stand on the cinema, but also extended to television, where she starred in many of the TV series beginning with Shaba ra2 gedan and Wael Nour in 1995. She also appeared in Afaryt El sayala (demons Alsialp), Lel Sarwa Hesabat o5ra (Wealth Other Accounts), Ali Wika, Hadret el Motaham Aby (My Father The Accused), and Layaly.She has also appeared in some radio soaps such as Sinbad Emad", and "Runaway to Travel".
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